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Private Investigation Services - Serving all of Texas

Do you want to ensure you are prepared for any type of terrorist activity? Would you also like to help train your employees on what to do if a terrorist is threatening your facility? At J.S. Steele Enterprises, LLC, our team has more than 150 years of combined private investigation experience and can help protect you, your loved ones, and employees. We not only offer various types of training but security services, as well. Don’t wait for another shooting or bombing to happen before you obtain the proper security assistance.

Protecting Texas Residents is Our Job

Unfortunately, more and more terrorist activity throughout the United States keeps occurring, which is why it is imperative you are not only trained to handle a terrorist situation but have the proper security around your home and / or facility so you can protect those who matter to you, as well. Our team is prepared to help protect and train you so you do not become the next victim.

Our private investigation services are as follows:

  • Active shooter mitigation- Do you want to help train your employees to handle an active shooter situation? We are the Exclusive Distributor for Red Ball Drills in Texas. Red Ball Drills allow us to train personnel without traumatizing them.
  • Personal and facility protection- To further safeguard yourself and employees, we can have an armed security officer on the premises who has years of training handling various types of terrorist situations.
  • Security consulting- Not only can we train you and your employees, but we can also provide an individualized assessment of your facility. We can then help repair any potential breaches in security your compound may have so terrorists cannot enter.
  • Additional services- Our team has experience handling both domestic and international security matters, so no job is too complicated for us. We can provide you with the best ways to protect yourself so you do not become another victim of a terrorist attack.

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Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to serve all individual and corporate security requirements.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Complete range of security consulting services
  • Individualized assessment of your facility with ongoing support
  • Real-world active shooter training without traumatizing personnel
  • 150 years combined experience in worldwide counter terrorism operations
  • Extensive experience, in both domestic and international security matters

Texas Private Investigation Services

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Whether you need personal protection or you need consulting on a personal security matter, we've got you covered.  

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