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Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to serve all individual and corporate security requirements.

Personal and Facility Protection

Steele Security provides the most professional bodyguard & anti-stalking services available. Its operators have extensive experience providing personal protection in even the most hostile environments. Each is a weapons expert and trained in protective driving. 

Our operatives are not only qualified as a Level 3 Personal Protection Officer under the requirements of the Texas Department of Public Safety, but each has undergone significant additional training and weapons qualification.

The company’s principals have trained bodyguards worldwide. Their operatives have protected senior political and military leaders as well as celebrities and their family members. The Company’s chairman was responsible for the training and operation of the personal protection details for the Iraqi Governing Council, the senior leaders of the national government.

Operatives of the Company provided the personal security for Jay Garner, the President’s senior representative in Iraq in the aftermath of the invasion. They also have provided assessments of and training for the personal security teams in Latin America, including that of the Governor of Sonora, Mexico.

Personal & Facility Protection

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Complete range of security consulting services
  • Individualized assessment of your facility with ongoing support
  • Real-world active shooter training without traumatizing personnel
  • 150 years combined experience in worldwide counter terrorism operations
  • Extensive experience, in both domestic and international security matters

Texas Private Investigation Services

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