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Active Shooter Mitigation

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Active Shooter Mitigation

The Active Shooter Challenge

Expanding gun and other lethal weapon violence in the U.S. has highlighted the dilemma faced by decision-makers in the public and private sectors as it relates to protecting civilians. Schools in particular have become a target for deranged individuals intent on killing on a mass scale.

Such shootings often occur in “gun free” zones that were created to ensure safety, but regrettably have had the opposite effect. There are widespread differences among the population as to how to address the problem. Some argue that teachers, administrators and even students should be armed.

Others say that such an approach increases the likelihood of accidental shootings, and that these individuals are not likely to react well in any case. Moreover, even the most effective police response is often measured in minutes, which inevitably means the potential for multiple deaths before first responders arrive.

The scenario described above also applies to locations where large groups of people assemble, such as churches, theaters, offices, restaurants and malls.

The Solution 

The most effective response to such shootings is a highly trained armed security officer on the premises. That officer can immediately confront the shooter, who will either attempt to engage the officer or take his own life. In either case, the goal is to save the lives of innocent people. The Company can meet the requirement for such highly trained and appropriately licensed individuals. The key is proper selection, vetting, extensive initial and follow-up training and thorough analysis of the environment within which the officer will operate.

More importantly is to preempt the need for any active armed response by identifying a potential shooter before a catastrophe occurs. The Company has a program put together by top criminal psychologists to provide leaders, teachers and government or business administrators with key tools to help them identify potential shooters and take immediate action to address the problem. These tools can be provided through on-site training and leader development programs, or through interactive web based training packages. 

The Company has an exceptional capability to assess the security situation at educational institutions, churches, businesses, for individuals and for governmental entities. That assessment then becomes the basis for preventive action and the plan for immediate response.